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Current Openings:

PCGS Customer Service Representative - Level I

Assist customers in person, over the phone, and through e-mail correspondence. Maintain a professional image while answering customer inquiries and resolving outstanding concerns.

Office Administrator/Purchasing Clerk

(Collectors Universe)
The Office Administrator/Purchasing Clerk position will assist the company with acquiring non-inventory materials used in the general course of business and perform facilities and administrative related tasks that support office functionality. Job duties to include, but not limited to, preparation and input of purchase orders based on departmental requests; placing orders with vendors and ensuring orders arrive complete, timely and undamaged and communicating with property management and local vendors to address maintenance and repairs. Maintenance of various administrative accounts including cell phones, office supplies, etc.

System Engineer

(Collectors Universe)
The System Engineer will provide hands-on technical engineering tasks with a primary focus on Microsoft Infrastructure services and applications. This position is responsible for the organization's technology infrastructure including computers, servers, and storage; performing troubleshooting, problem analysis and disaster recovery for WAN/LAN. Responsibilities include providing system administration support and teams with others to install and maintain the company's system, storage, and virtual compute infrastructure. The Systems Engineer is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the data center as well as performing maintenance and troubleshooting of network problems. Proficiency is required in concept of operations development, system design and review, requirements definition, system transition planning, and supporting defined system integration tasks.