Airtight Security. Seamless Collecting.

Keep your collection secure and connected to the best brands in the hobby with the Collectors Vault.

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Raw cards going through the grading process can be shipped free of charge to the Collectors Vault and (coming soon) quickly sold on Goldin.
Your collection is secure behind 24x7x365 security and backed by our Collectors insurance policy.
$0 Storage Fees
Collectors will not charge fees for storing your items in the Collectors Vault.
At your fingertips
Collectors Vault users have 24-hour online access to view their cards and collection analytics through the My Collection inventory portal.

The official vault of PSA and Goldin

Raw cards going through the grading process ship free of charge, directly from PSA to the Collectors Vault. Coming soon: Cards in the Collectors Vault can be consigned to sell on Goldin, and any card purchased in a Goldin auction will ship, free of charge, directly to the vault on your behalf.

Your collection is secure

The Collectors Vault is a secure, state of the art facility employing the most advanced features of any product on the market, including 24x7x365 armed security professionals, torch and tool Class 3 UL Rated doors, and seismic motion detectors.

No storage fees

Collectors will store your items free of charge in the Delaware vault where they will be fully covered by the Collectors insurance policy. Sales tax is not applicable for orders shipped to the Collectors Vault.

Manage your collection online
Track your cards and their value over time through the My Collection beta experience - our inventory management system which houses hi-res images and advanced collection analytics.

How to submit

You can submit directly through, by either adding your cards to your collection and selecting ones to Vault or by sending in bulk. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions