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The Official Vault of PSA and Goldin

The PSA Vault is the Hobby’s leading all-in-one space for grading, vaulting, and selling cards. A seamless experience allows you to vault anytime, anywhere, manage your collection, and instantly list items to sell on Goldin.

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Why Choose PSA Vault?

The PSA Vault is the easiest, fastest, and most seamless way to grade and sell your cards. Here are some of the benefits when you vault with PSA:

  • List on Goldin in seconds
  • No sales tax or storage fees when you vault from PSA or Goldin
  • Get peace of mind with 100% insurance in a state-of-the-art facility
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Manage Your Collection with PSA Vault

It’s more than a vault. In addition to the unparalleled security of the PSA Vault, you’ll also unlock features that take your collection to the next level:

  • High-resolution scans of your collectibles
  • Analytics to track the value of your cards
  • Instant listing on Goldin
  • A personal 9-digit Vault ID and shipping address
  • Free storage and free shipping from PSA submissions or Goldin
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Vault with Ease

From the PSA Online Submission Center, your phone, and computer.

Send cards directly to the PSA Vault with one click in the PSA submission process.
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With the PSA app, manage your collection from anywhere, list on Goldin in two taps, and curate your look with the Slab Studio photo editor.
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Ship cards to your personal, secure Vault address. Keep your collection secure in the PSA Vault or instantly list items to sell on Goldin.
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