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The Official Vault of PSA and Goldin

The Vault makes grading and selling turnkey with enhanced state-of-the-art protection for your collection. When you vault, you are able to list and sell your cards on the Goldin Marketplace or Weekly Auctions in just two clicks. When you vault, your collection is secure and 100% insured. You also unlock the ability to list on Goldin in just two clicks. Pay no sales tax or shipping fees on Goldin purchases sent to the Vault. The Vault also helps you manage your collection online. We take high-res scans of your collectibles and provide collection analytics so you can track the value of your cards over time.

Something for Every Collector

Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or just sell a few items to make room for new ones, the Vault and its integration with Goldin gives you the tools you need. All purchases made from Goldin and other marketplaces can be stored in the Vault. Just set your shipping address to the Vault and include your unique 9-digit Vault ID, which can be found in your account settings. Items start at $5 and include trading cards, comics, coins, memorabilia, sealed wax and video games.

Up to 50% off Marketplace fees

Vault and instantly list your items. Save up to 50% off fees for a limited time. *Excludes all auction formats

Vault with Ease

From the PSA Online Submission Center, your phone, and computer.

Send cards directly to the Vault in one click during the PSA submission process.
Start Submission
Easily add cards to your collection from your phone and click “Send to Vault”. Cards in Vault are available in Slab Studio, where you can create customized high-quality images.
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Ship cards to your secure, personal Vault address and they will be processed and uploaded to your collection.
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