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Silver Commemoratives 144 Piece Mintmark & Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1954)

Exact Match
1893 Isabella89
1921 Alabama60
1921 Alabama 2X251
1936 Albany71
1937 Antietam45
1935 Arkansas15
1935-D Arkansas4
1935-S Arkansas10
1936 Arkansas10
1936-D Arkansas17
1936-S Arkansas8
1937 Arkansas4
1937-D Arkansas6
1937-S Arkansas8
1938 Arkansas5
1938-D Arkansas9
1938-S Arkansas2
1939 Arkansas4
1939-D Arkansas5
1939-S Arkansas8
1936-S Bay Bridge58
1934 Boone20
1935 Boone14
1935/34 Boone15
1935-D Boone6
1935/34-D Boone4
1935-S Boone4
1935/34-S Boone8
1936 Boone38
1936-D Boone10
1936-S Boone10
1937 Boone34
1937-D Boone8
1937-S Boone5
1938 Boone13
1938-D Boone12
1938-S Boone15
1936 Bridgeport61
1946 Booker T. Washington99
1946-D Booker T. Washington32
1946-S Booker T. Washington69
1947 Booker T. Washington27
1947-D Booker T. Washington2
1947-S Booker T. Washington15
1948 Booker T. Washington17
1948-D Booker T. Washington23
1948-S Booker T. Washington22
1949 Booker T. Washington31
1949-D Booker T. Washington29
1949-S Booker T. Washington25
1950 Booker T. Washington18
1950-D Booker T. Washington9
1950-S Booker T. Washington38
1951 Booker T. Washington49
1951-D Booker T. Washington13
1951-S Booker T. Washington9
1925-S California54
1936 Cincinnati23
1936-D Cincinnati11
1936-S Cincinnati10
1936 Cleveland89
1936 Columbia20
1936-D Columbia32
1936-S Columbia17
1892 Columbian57
1893 Columbian153
1935 Connecticut33
1936 Delaware45
1936 Elgin109
1936 Gettysburg73
1922 Grant54
1922 Grant Star13
1928 Hawaiian25
1935 Hudson44
1924 Huguenot52
1946 Iowa92
1925 Lexington58
1918 Lincoln40
1936 Long Island65
1936 Lynchburg56
1920 Maine54
1934 Maryland59
1921 Missouri41
1921 Missouri 2X425
1923-S Monroe74
1938 New Rochelle78
1936 Norfolk65
1926 Oregon22
1926-S Oregon31
1928 Oregon27
1933-D Oregon9
1934-D Oregon16
1936 Oregon24
1936-S Oregon12
1937-D Oregon29
1938 Oregon19
1938-D Oregon17
1938-S Oregon13
1939 Oregon15
1939-D Oregon13
1939-S Oregon6
1915-S Panama-Pacific33
1920 Pilgrim46
1921 Pilgrim23
1936 Rhode Island33
1936-D Rhode Island37
1936-S Rhode Island15
1937 Roanoke81
1936 Robinson80
1935-S San Diego60
1936-D San Diego58
1926 Sesquicentennial52
1935 Spanish Trail38
1925 Stone Mountain105
1934 Texas30
1935 Texas26
1935-D Texas20
1935-S Texas15
1936 Texas16
1936-D Texas20
1936-S Texas13
1937 Texas15
1937-D Texas22
1937-S Texas16
1938 Texas10
1938-D Texas10
1938-S Texas7
1925 Vancouver53
1927 Vermont67
1951 Washington-Carver31
1951-D Washington-Carver16
1951-S Washington-Carver28
1952 Washington-Carver84
1952-D Washington-Carver20
1952-S Washington-Carver11
1953 Washington-Carver17
1953-D Washington-Carver14
1953-S Washington-Carver48
1954 Washington-Carver15
1954-D Washington-Carver20
1954-S Washington-Carver47
1936 Wisconsin70
1936 York83
1900 Lafayette60
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