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Rosa Americana and Hibernia Coinage Basic Set (1722-1724)

Exact Match
Rosa Americana Twopence (no date) 1
Rosa Americana 1722 Halfpenny 0
Rosa Americana 1722 Penny1
Rosa Americana 1722 Twopence0
Rosa Americana 1723 Halfpenny 0
Rosa Americana 1723 Penny3
Rosa Americana 1723 Twopence15
Woods Hibernia 1722 Farthing0
Woods Hibernia 1722 Halfpenny 15
Woods Hibernia 1723 Farthing 14
Woods Hibernia 1723 Halfpenny27
Woods Hibernia 1724 Farthing3
Woods Hibernia 1724 Halfpenny5
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