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Connecticut Coppers with Major Varieties (1785-1788)

Exact Match
Connecticut 1785 Bust Right8
Connecticut 1785 African Head1
Connecticut 1785 Bust Left1
Connecticut 1786 Small Head Right2
Connecticut 1786 Large Head Right0
Connecticut 1786 Mailed Bust Left4
Connecticut 1786 MB Left Hercules Head0
Connecticut 1786 Draped Bust Left0
Connecticut 1787 Small Head Right INDE ET0
Connecticut 1787 Liberty Seated Right0
Connecticut 1787 MB Right Muttonhead2
Connecticut 1787 MB Right INDE ET LIB2
Connecticut 1787 Mailed Bust Left17
Connecticut 1787/1788 Mailed Bust Left0
Connecticut 1787/1877 Mailed Bust Left0
Connecticut 1787 MB Left Laughing Head4
Connecticut 1787 MB Left Hercules Head0
Connecticut 1787 MB Left Horned1
Connecticut 1787 MB Left CONNECT0
Connecticut 1787 Draped Bust Left40
Connecticut 1787 DB Left AUCIORI0
Connecticut 1787 DB Left AUCTOPI0
Connecticut 1787 DB Left AUCTOBI2
Connecticut 1787 DB Left CONNFC0
Connecticut 1787 DB Left CONNLC0
Connecticut 1787 DB Left FNDE0
Connecticut 1787 DB Left ETLIR3
Connecticut 1787 DB Left ETIIB0
Connecticut 1788 Mailed Bust Right3
Connecticut 1788 MB Right Small Head0
Connecticut 1788 Mailed Bust Left0
Connecticut 1788 MB Left CONNLC0
Connecticut 1788 Draped Bust Left1
Connecticut 1788 DB Left CONNLC0
Connecticut 1788 DB Left INDL0
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