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Post-1776 Private and Regional Issues Basic Set (1778-1820)

Exact Match
Rhode Island Ship Medal 2
Chalmers Threepence9
Chalmers Sixpence7
Chalmers Shilling 5
Nova Constellatio 1783 5
Nova Constelatio 17858
Nova Constellatio 1786 0
Machins Mill 17471
Machins Mill 17710
Machins Mill 17720
Machins Mill 17740
Machins Mill 17750
Machins Mill 17761
Machins Mill 17780
Machins Mill 17841
Machins Mill 17871
Machins Mill 17882
North American Token 17811
Bar Copper (Undated)2
Auctori Plebis Token 17874
Mott Token 1789 8
Standish Barry 1790 Threepence0
Albany Church Penny (1790)1
Kentucky Copper (1792-94) 28
Franklin Press Token 17944
Myddelton Token 1796 1
Castorland Medal1
New York Theatre Token2
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent7
Texas Jola 1
North West Company Token2
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