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Washington Statehood Quarters Basic Set, Circulation Strikes and Satin Finish (1999-2008)

Exact Match
1999-P Delaware1
1999-D Delaware5
1999-P Pennsylvania4
1999-D Pennsylvania6
1999-P New Jersey7
1999-D New Jersey6
1999-P Georgia8
1999-D Georgia5
1999-P Connecticut9
1999-D Connecticut11
2000-P Massachusetts7
2000-D Massachusetts3
2000-P Maryland9
2000-D Maryland6
2000-P South Carolina7
2000-D South Carolina7
2000-P New Hampshire11
2000-D New Hampshire2
2000-P Virginia9
2000-D Virginia1
2001-P New York8
2001-D New York8
2001-P North Carolina11
2001-D North Carolina0
2001-P Rhode Island3
2001-D Rhode Island5
2001-P Vermont10
2001-D Vermont14
2001-P Kentucky13
2001-D Kentucky3
2002-P Tennessee7
2002-D Tennessee5
2002-P Ohio9
2002-D Ohio17
2002-P Louisiana12
2002-D Louisiana10
2002-P Indiana10
2002-D Indiana13
2002-P Mississippi11
2002-D Mississippi4
2003-P Illinois1
2003-D Illinois4
2003-P Alabama3
2003-D Alabama6
2003-P Maine0
2003-D Maine1
2003-P Missouri1
2003-D Missouri6
2003-P Arkansas0
2003-D Arkansas3
2004-P Michigan3
2004-D Michigan20
2004-P Florida6
2004-D Florida21
2004-P Texas0
2004-D Texas3
2004-P Iowa3
2004-D Iowa3
2004-P Wisconsin0
2004-D Wisconsin22
2005-P California Satin Finish10
2005-D California Satin Finish8
2005-P Minnesota Satin Finish26
2005-D Minnesota Satin Finish3
2005-P Oregon Satin Finish3
2005-D Oregon Satin Finish6
2005-P Kansas Satin Finish5
2005-D Kansas Satin Finish6
2005-P West Virginia Satin Finish9
2005-D West Virginia Satin Finish4
2006-P Nevada Satin Finish4
2006-D Nevada Satin Finish3
2006-P Nebraska Satin Finish1
2006-D Nebraska Satin Finish4
2006-P Colorado Satin Finish6
2006-D Colorado Satin Finish1
2006-P North Dakota Satin Finish0
2006-D North Dakota Satin Finish4
2006-P South Dakota Satin Finish3
2006-D South Dakota Satin Finish4
2007-P Montana Satin Finish2
2007-D Montana Satin Finish1
2007-P Washington Satin Finish3
2007-D Washington Satin Finish1
2007-P Idaho Satin Finish2
2007-D Idaho Satin Finish2
2007-P Wyoming Satin Finish0
2007-D Wyoming Satin Finish1
2007-P Utah Satin Finish3
2007-D Utah Satin Finish3
2005-P California2
2005-D California7
2005-D Minnesota1
2005-P Minnesota6
2005-P Oregon0
2005-D Oregon4
2005-P Kansas0
2005-D Kansas4
2005-P West Virginia0
2005-D West Virginia1
2006-P Nevada3
2006-D Nevada2
2006-P Nebraska0
2006-D Nebraska0
2006-P Colorado3
2006-D Colorado0
2006-P North Dakota0
2006-D North Dakota3
2006-P South Dakota0
2006-D South Dakota2
2007-P Montana1
2007-D Montana0
2007-P Washington3
2007-D Washington0
2007-P Idaho1
2007-D Idaho1
2007-P Wyoming0
2007-D Wyoming1
2007-P Utah1
2007-D Utah2
2008-P Oklahoma0
2008-P Oklahoma Satin Finish0
2008-D Oklahoma1
2008-D Oklahoma Satin Finish0
2008-P New Mexico0
2008-P New Mexico Satin Finish1
2008-D New Mexico2
2008-D New Mexico Satin Finish0
2008-P Arizona0
2008-P Arizona Satin Finish2
2008-D Arizona0
2008-D Arizona Satin Finish0
2008-P Alaska0
2008-P Alaska Satin Finish1
2008-D Alaska0
2008-D Alaska Satin Finish2
2008-P Hawaii1
2008-P Hawaii Satin Finish5
2008-D Hawaii0
2008-D Hawaii Satin Finish3
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