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First Spouse $10 Gold, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016)

Exact Match
2007-W Martha Washington5
2007-W Abigail Adams2
2007-W Jefferson’s Liberty11
2007-W Dolley Madison4
2008-W Elizabeth Monroe 4
2008-W Louisa Adams 4
2008-W Jackson's Liberty 3
2008-W Van Buren's Liberty2
2009-W Anna Harrison1
2009-W Letitia Tyler2
2009-W Julia Tyler7
2009-W Sarah Polk2
2009-W Margaret Taylor1
2010-W Abigail Filmore6
2010-W Jane Pierce5
2010-W Buchanan's Liberty4
2010-W Mary Lincoln7
2011-W Eliza Johnson2
2011-W Julia Grant6
2011-W Lucy Hayes3
2011-W Lucretia Garfield4
2012-W Alice Paul11
2012-W Frances Cleveland 1st5
2012-W Caroline Harrison6
2012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd5
2013-W Ida McKinley 9
2013-W Edith Roosevelt 8
2013-W Helen Taft 7
2013-W Ellen Wilson 2
2013-W Edith Wilson 6
2014-W Florence Harding4
2014-W Grace Coolidge2
2014-W Eleanor Roosevelt2
2014-W Lou Hoover2
2015-W Bess Truman14
2015-W Mamie Eisenhower9
2015-W Jacqueline Kennedy8
2015-W Lady Bird Johnson5
2016-W Patricia Nixon7
2016-W Betty Ford3
2016-W $10 Nancy Reagan5
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