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First Spouse Bronze Medals, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016)

Exact Match
(2007) Martha Washington0
(2007) Abigail Adams0
(2007) Jefferson's Liberty0
(2007) Dolley Madison0
(2008) Elizabeth Monroe0
(2008) Louisa Adams0
(2008) Jackson's Liberty3
(2008) Van Buren's Liberty1
(2009) Anna Harrison2
(2009) Letitia Tyler3
(2009) Julia Tyler2
(2009) Sarah Polk2
(2009) Margaret Taylor3
(2010) Abigail Filmore2
(2010) Jane Pierce1
(2010) Buchanan's Liberty0
(2010) Mary Lincoln0
(2011) Eliza Johnson1
(2011) Julia Grant1
(2011) Lucy Hayes0
(2011) Lucretia Garfield0
(2012) Alice Paul0
(2012) Frances Cleveland 1st0
(2012) Caroline Harrison0
(2012) Frances Cleveland 2nd0
(2013) Ida McKinley0
(2013) Edith Roosevelt0
(2013) Helen Taft0
(2013) Ellen Wilson0
(2013) Edith Wilson0
(2014) Medal Florence Harding0
(2014) Medal Grace Coolidge0
(2014) Medal Eleanor Roosevelt0
(2014) Medal Lou Hoover0
(2015) Lady Bird Johnson0
(2015) Bess Truman0
(2015) Mamie Eisenhower0
(2015) Jacqueline Kennedy0
(2016) Betty Ford0
(2016) Patricia Nixon1
(2016) Nancy Reagan1
(2020) Barbara Bush1
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