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Presidential Dollars Basic Set, Satin Finish (2007-2010)

Exact Match
2007-P George Washington, Satin Finish0
2007-D George Washington, Satin Finish0
2007-P John Adams, Satin Finish4
2007-D John Adams, Satin Finish1
2007-P Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish0
2007-D Thomas Jefferson, Satin Finish6
2007-P James Madison, Satin Finish1
2007-D James Madison, Satin Finish2
2008-P James Monroe, Satin Finish2
2008-D James Monroe, Satin Finish0
2008-P John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish2
2008-D John Quincy Adams, Satin Finish0
2008-P Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish0
2008-D Andrew Jackson, Satin Finish1
2008-P Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish0
2008-D Martin Van Buren, Satin Finish2
2009-P William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish0
2009-D William Henry Harrison, Satin Finish2
2009-P John Tyler, Satin Finish0
2009-D John Tyler, Satin Finish0
2009-P James K. Polk, Satin Finish0
2009-D James K. Polk, Satin Finish1
2009-P Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish3
2009-D Zachary Taylor, Satin Finish2
2010-P Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish0
2010-D Millard Fillmore, Satin Finish2
2010-P Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish0
2010-D Franklin Pierce, Satin Finish0
2010-P James Buchanan, Satin Finish0
2010-D James Buchanan, Satin Finish0
2010-P Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish0
2010-D Abraham Lincoln, Satin Finish1
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