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Booker T. Washington Half Dollar Set, Circulation Strikes (1946-1951)

Exact Match
1946 Booker T. Washington89
1946-D Booker T. Washington31
1946-S Booker T. Washington85
1947 Booker T. Washington52
1947-D Booker T. Washington24
1947-S Booker T. Washington13
1948 Booker T. Washington32
1948-D Booker T. Washington34
1948-S Booker T. Washington15
1949 Booker T. Washington20
1949-D Booker T. Washington24
1949-S Booker T. Washington23
1950 Booker T. Washington27
1950-D Booker T. Washington6
1950-S Booker T. Washington58
1951 Booker T. Washington60
1951-D Booker T. Washington31
1951-S Booker T. Washington15
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