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Silver & Gold Eagles Complete Set, Proof (1986-present)

Exact Match
1986-S S$121
1987-S S$111
1988-S S$112
1989-S S$110
1990-S S$115
1991-S S$17
1992-S S$112
1993-P S$18
1994-P S$18
1995-P S$19
1995-W S$13
1996-P S$18
1997-P S$111
1998-P S$111
1999-P S$19
2000-P S$15
2001-W S$19
2002-W S$17
2003-W S$110
2004-W S$18
2005-W S$17
1988-P G$55
1989-P G$54
1990-P G$56
1991-P G$53
1992-P G$52
1993-P G$52
1994-W G$52
1995-W G$53
1996-W G$51
1997-W G$53
1998-W G$52
1999-W G$53
2000-W G$54
2001-W G$52
2002-W G$51
2003-W G$51
2004-W G$52
2005-W G$51
1988-P G$104
1989-P G$100
1990-P G$101
1991-P G$101
1992-P G$102
1993-P G$102
1994-W G$105
1995-W G$101
1996-W G$102
1997-W G$101
1998-W G$103
1999-W G$101
2000-W G$101
2001-W G$102
2002-W G$101
2003-W G$102
2004-W G$101
2005-W G$102
1987-P G$252
1988-P G$250
1989-P G$250
1990-P G$254
1991-P G$251
1992-P G$253
1993-P G$252
1994-W G$252
1995-W G$252
1996-W G$253
1997-W G$250
1998-W G$254
1999-W G$252
2000-W G$252
2001-W G$251
2002-W G$251
2003-W G$252
2004-W G$251
2005-W G$254
1986-W G$5011
1987-W G$506
1988-W G$504
1989-W G$500
1990-W G$501
1991-W G$500
1992-W G$501
1993-W G$502
1994-W G$500
1995-W G$500
1996-W G$501
1997-W G$502
1998-W G$505
1999-W G$500
2000-W G$505
2001-W G$501
2002-W G$500
2003-W G$501
2004-W G$501
2005-W G$501
2006-W S$115
2006-W G$54
2006-W G$100
2006-W G$250
2006-W G$507
2006-P S$1 REV PR6
2007-W S$19
2007-W G$53
2007-W G$102
2007-W G$255
2007-W G$504
2008-W S$112
2008-W G$52
2008-W G$103
2008-W G$253
2008-W G$501
2006-W G$50 REV PR6
2010-W S$124
2010-W G$501
2010-W G$51
2010-W G$103
2010-W G$253
2011-W S$115
2011-W G$52
2011-W G$102
2011-W G$254
2011-W G$502
2011-P S$1 REV PR2
2012-W S$19
2012-W G$50
2012-W G$101
2012-W G$250
2012-W G$500
2012-S S$1 12
2012-S S$1 Rev PR 9
2013-W S$114
2013-W S$1 REV PR5
2013-W G$53
2013-W G$101
2013-W G$251
2013-W G$502
2014-W S$19
2014-W G$51
2014-W G$10 0
2014-W G$251
2014-W G$502
2015-W S$113
2015-W G$52
2015-W G$100
2015-W G$251
2015-W G$502
2016-W S$125
2016-W G$51
2016-W G$100
2016-W G$251
2016-W G$504
2017-W G$51
2017-W G$101
2017-W G$250
2017-W G$500
2017-S S$119
2017-W S$111
2018-S S$15
2018-W S$114
2018-W G$51
2018-W G$100
2018-W G$250
2018-W G$500
2020-W v75 Privy G$50 0
2020-W S$120
2020-W G$52
2020-W G$100
2020-W G$251
2020-W G$506
2021-W S$111
2021-W G$5 Type 10
2021-W G$25 Type 10
2021-W G$50 Type 11
2021-W G$10 Type 12
2019-W S$12
2019-W S$13
2019-S S$1 Rev PR3
2019-S S$11
2019-W G$50 0
2019-W G$250
2019-W G$50
2019-W G$100
2021-W S$1 Type 213
2021-S S$1 Type 2 8
2021-W G$50 Type 210
2021-W G$5 Type 20
2021-W G$10 Type 20
2021-W G$25 Type 20
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