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America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Quarters, Circulation Strikes (2010-present)

Exact Match
2010 Hot Springs NP21
2010 Yellowstone NP10
2010 Yosemite NP12
2010 Grand Canyon NP15
2010 Mount Hood NP19
2011 Gettysburg NP21
2011 Glacier NP31
2011 Olympic NP4
2011 Vicksburg NP7
2011 Chickasaw NP7
2012 El Yunque NP3
2012 Chaco Culture NP3
2012 Acadia NP10
2012 Hawaii Volcanoes NP5
2012 Denali NP14
2013 White Mountain NP 9
2013 Perry's Memorial NP2
2013 Great Basin NP12
2013 Fort McHenry NP4
2013 Mount Rushmore NP2
2014 Great Smoky Mtns NP4
2014 Shenandoah NP10
2014 Arches NP12
2014 Great Sand Dunes NP6
2014 Everglades NP5
2015 Homestead NP4
2015 Kisatchie NP11
2015 Blue Ridge Pkwy NP3
2015 Bombay Hook NP10
2015 Saratoga NP7
2016 Shawnee NP8
2016 Cumberland Gap NP 2
2016 Harpers Ferry NP6
2016 Theodore Roosevelt NP9
2016 Fort Moultrie NP4
2017 Effigy Mounds NP6
2017 Frederick Douglass NP7
2017 Ozark Riverways NP3
2017 Ellis Island NP5
2017 George Rogers Clark NP5
2018 Pictured Rocks NP5
2018 Apostle Islands NP4
2018 Voyageurs NP2
2018 Cumberland Island NP3
2018 Block Island NP1
2019 Lowell NP 0
2019 American Memorial NP0
2019 War in the Pacific NP0
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