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French 100 Euro Gold Commemoratives (2002-present)

Exact Match
2002 Europa0
2004 D-Day0
2004 F.A. Bartholdi0
2004 Europa0
2007 Europa - Airbus A3800
2007 Cannes Festival0
2008 Europa0
2008-P Sower - Modern0
2008 Olympics0
2008 Notre Dame Lourdes0
2009-P Sower - Modern0
2009-P Sower - Human Rights0
2009-P Renoir0
2010-P Sower - Modern0
2010 Georges Braque0
2010 Picasso0
2011 Euro Starter Kit0
2011 Vassily Kandinsky0
2011 Andy Warhol0
2010 Sower - Facing Right0
2010 Nouveau Franc0
2012 Sower - Euro 10th Anniv0
2013 Asterix and Obelix0
2013 Pessac Industrial Site0
2006 Benjamin Franklin0
2014 Charles the Bald Denier0
2015 Coq0
2015 Franc a Cheval0
2003 Mona Lisa0
2016 Teston Francois I0
2016 UEFA Euro Volley Kick1
2005 Jules Verne0
2018 Ecu de 6 Livres0
2004 Couronnement de Napoléon0
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