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Native American Dollars, Circulation Strikes (2009-present)

Exact Match
2009-P Three Sisters11
2009-D Three Sisters2
2010-P Great Law3
2010-D Great Law0
2011-P Wampanoag Treaty1
2011-D Wampanoag Treaty5
2012-P Trade Routes0
2012-D Trade Routes0
2013-P Treaty, Delawares2
2013-D Treaty, Delawares5
2014-P L&C Expedition2
2014-D L&C Expedition12
2015-D Mohawk Iron Workers4
2015-P Mohawk Iron Workers0
2015-W Mohawk Iron Workers6
2016-P Code Talkers0
2016-D Code Talkers1
2016-S Code Talkers5
2017-P Sequoyah Writing4
2017-D Sequoyah Writing8
2017-S Sequoyah Writing22
2018-P Wah Tho Huk1
2018-D Wah Tho Huk4
2019-P American Indians in the Space Program10
2019-D American Indians in the Space Program3
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