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Everyman Barber Series Complete Basic Set (1892-1916)

Exact Match
1892 10C8
1892-O 10C2
1892-S 10C1
1893 10C2
1893-O 10C6
1893-S 10C3
1894 10C14
1894-O 10C4
1895 10C5
1895-O 10C21
1895-S 10C2
1896 10C4
1896-O 10C6
1896-S 10C2
1897 10C6
1897-O 10C3
1897-S 10C4
1898 10C3
1898-O 10C12
1898-S 10C2
1899 10C5
1899-O 10C5
1899-S 10C4
1900 10C4
1900-O 10C21
1900-S 10C4
1901 10C8
1901-O 10C11
1901-S 10C4
1902 10C5
1902-O 10C9
1902-S 10C9
1903 10C5
1903-O 10C9
1903-S 10C10
1904 10C1
1904-S 10C15
1905 10C6
1905-O 10C3
1905-S 10C5
1906 10C9
1906-D 10C0
1906-O 10C4
1906-S 10C4
1907 10C5
1907-D 10C4
1907-O 10C4
1907-S 10C9
1908 10C4
1908-D 10C2
1908-O 10C4
1908-S 10C6
1909 10C2
1909-D 10C10
1909-O 10C1
1909-S 10C3
1910 10C1
1910-D 10C7
1910-S 10C3
1911 10C8
1911-D 10C2
1911-S 10C3
1912 10C8
1912-D 10C1
1912-S 10C5
1913 10C4
1913-S 10C4
1914 10C11
1914-D 10C5
1914-S 10C1
1915 10C5
1915-S 10C7
1916 10C11
1916-S 10C4
1892 25C12
1892-O 25C7
1892-S 25C1
1893 25C3
1893-O 25C3
1893-S 25C0
1894 25C2
1894-O 25C2
1894-S 25C7
1895 25C4
1895-O 25C2
1895-S 25C2
1896 25C4
1896-O 25C21
1896-S 25C54
1897 25C2
1897-O 25C22
1897-S 25C30
1898 25C10
1898-O 25C8
1898-S 25C10
1899 25C7
1899-O 25C4
1899-S 25C3
1900 25C12
1900-O 25C3
1900-S 25C9
1901 25C11
1901-O 25C17
1901-S 25C18
1902 25C6
1902-O 25C5
1902-S 25C2
1903 25C3
1903-O 25C5
1903-S 25C1
1904 25C4
1904-O 25C16
1905 25C5
1905-O 25C10
1905-S 25C5
1906 25C3
1906-D 25C3
1906-O 25C1
1907 25C7
1907-D 25C2
1907-O 25C1
1907-S 25C6
1908 25C3
1908-D 25C6
1908-O 25C7
1908-S 25C3
1909 25C6
1909-D 25C6
1909-O 25C29
1909-S 25C4
1910 25C2
1910-D 25C1
1911 25C2
1911-D 25C21
1911-S 25C2
1912 25C4
1912-S 25C3
1913 25C8
1913-D 25C1
1913-S 25C51
1914 25C13
1914-D 25C4
1914-S 25C73
1915 25C9
1915-D 25C7
1915-S 25C2
1916 25C4
1916-D 25C12
1892 50C13
1892-O 50C9
1892-S 50C20
1893 50C12
1893-O 50C9
1893-S 50C18
1894 50C12
1894-O 50C14
1894-S 50C12
1895 50C8
1895-O 50C21
1895-S 50C6
1896 50C13
1896-O 50C9
1896-S 50C20
1897 50C9
1897-O 50C37
1897-S 50C16
1898 50C18
1898-O 50C12
1898-S 50C24
1899 50C24
1899-O 50C14
1899-S 50C11
1900 50C24
1900-O 50C22
1900-S 50C19
1901 50C18
1901-O 50C19
1901-S 50C18
1902 50C30
1902-O 50C12
1902-S 50C14
1903 50C13
1903-O 50C22
1903-S 50C9
1904 50C11
1904-O 50C9
1904-S 50C46
1905 50C7
1905-O 50C12
1905-S 50C16
1906 50C22
1906-D 50C23
1906-O 50C17
1906-S 50C17
1907 50C22
1907-D 50C27
1907-O 50C25
1907-S 50C15
1908 50C10
1908-D 50C33
1908-O 50C33
1908-S 50C23
1909 50C28
1909-O 50C10
1909-S 50C22
1910 50C14
1910-S 50C21
1911 50C21
1911-D 50C8
1911-S 50C14
1912 50C21
1912-D 50C22
1912-S 50C16
1913 50C52
1913-D 50C10
1913-S 50C11
1914 50C53
1914-S 50C6
1915 50C75
1915-D 50C24
1915-S 50C22
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