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Complete Dansco 7070 Modified Type Set (1796-Date)

Exact Match
Draped Bust Half Cent (1800-08)291
Classic Head Half Cent (1809-35)311
Coronet Half Cent (1849-57)168
Draped Bust Large Cent (1796-1807)683
Classic Head Cent (1808-14)130
Coronet Large Cent (1816-39)706
Coronet Braided Hair Cent (1840-57)1403
Flying Eagle Cent (1857-58)242
Indian Head Cent Laurel Wreath (1859)71
Indian Head Cent Copper-Nickel Oak Wreath (1860-64)361
Indian Head Cent Bronze Oak Wreath (1864-1909)3717
Lincoln Head Cent VDB (1909)479
Lincoln Head Cent Bronze Wheat Heads (1909-58)7899
Lincoln Head Cent Steel (1943)286
Lincoln Head Cent Memorial (1959-Date)5532
2C Piece Bronze (1864-72)552
3C Piece Silver (1851-73)466
3C Piece Nickel (1865-89)545
Capped Bust Half Dime (1829-37)192
Liberty Seated Half Dime Drapery (1837-59)368
Liberty Seated Half Dime Arrows (1853-55)70
Liberty Seated Half Dime Legend (1860-73)266
Shield Nickel Rays (1866-67)71
Shield Nickel No Rays (1867-83)497
Liberty Head Nickel No Cents (1883)78
Liberty Head Nickel Cents (1883-1912)1291
Buffalo Nickel Variety I (1913)177
Buffalo Nickel Variety II (1913-1938)2862
Jefferson Nickel (1938-Date)6273
Jefferson Nickel 35% Silver (1942-45)648
Capped Bust Dime Variety II (1828-37)240
Liberty Seated Dime Stars (1838-60)408
Liberty Seated Dime Arrows (1853-55)53
Liberty Seated Dime Legend (1860-91)864
Liberty Head Dime (1892-1916)987
Mercury Dime (1916-45)2954
Roosevelt Dime Silver (1946-64)1985
Roosevelt Dime Clad (1965-Date)2491
Liberty Seated 20C Piece (1875-78)183
Capped Bust Quarter (1831-38)148
Liberty Seated Quarter No Motto (1838-65)461
Liberty Seated Quarter Arrows (1853-55)124
Liberty Seated Quarter Motto (1866-91)545
Liberty Head Quarter (1892-1916)1234
Standing Liberty Quarter Variety I (1916-17)249
Standing Liberty Quarter Variety II (1917-30)993
Washington Quarter Silver (1932-64)4893
Washington Quarter Clad (1965-Date)3300
Capped Bust Half Dollar Lettered Edge (1807-36)1676
Capped Bust Half Dollar Reeded Edge (1836-39)122
Liberty Seated Half Dollar No Motto (1839-65)625
Liberty Seated Half Dollar Arrows (1853-55)154
Liberty Seated Half Dollar Motto (1866-91)642
Liberty Head Half Dollar (1892-1915)2037
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-47)4851
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-63)5704
Kennedy Half Dollar Silver (1964)513
Kennedy Half Dollar Clad (1965-Date)2531
Commemorative Half Dollar (1892-1954)4492
Liberty Seated Dollar No Motto (1840-65)416
Liberty Seated Dollar Motto (1866-73)255
Trade Dollar (1873-83)448
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921)28025
Peace Dollar (1921-35)4859
Eisenhower Dollar (1971-78)1388
Gold Dollar, Type I (1849-54)275
Gold Dollar, Type III (1856-89)469
Liberty Head Quarter Eagle (1840-1907)1203
Indian Quarter Eagle (1908-29)1031
Liberty Head Half Eagle (1839-1908)1429
Indian Head Half Eagle (1908-29)679
Liberty Head Eagle (1838-1907)1089
Indian Head Eagle (1908-33)694
Liberty Head Double Eagle (1850-1907)2339
St. Gaudens Double Eagle (1907-1932)2188
Bicentennial Washington Quarter (1976)313
Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar (1976)330
Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar (1976)391
Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979-99)402
Sacagawea Dollar (2000-Date)706
50 State Commemorative Quarter (1999-2008)3122
Commemorative (1983-Date)2821
Silver American Eagle (1986-Date)2846
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