Driving Innovation Through Technology

Our Engineering Story

We started with a question: How can we best support the evolving needs of the Collectors community? The answer was simple: through greenfield innovation.

Collectors was taken private in 2021 to embark on a technological transformation. Our top priority was to hire exceptional engineers and inspiring tech leaders to design and build our new Collectors platform, an ecosystem that would allow us to integrate and seamlessly expand our collectibles products and services.

In the past year, our technology team has quadrupled in size and continues to hire rapidly to support business objectives. Our leaders have made huge technical contributions across major tech companies such as Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Netflix, Nintendo, and Slack.

Come join this team, where Collectors meet innovation. Learn more about the problems we’re solving by checking out our Tech Blog.

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Smashing records, and we’re just getting started

Our first new platform launched (Goldin.co), captured over $100mm in sales within the first three months of its release.
Within one year, technology accelerated our grading throughput by 270%.
We created an extensive database containing specifications of over five million collectibles across all categories.
PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) recently surpassed ~50M collectibles certified.

Our Technology Teams

Collectors Platform
This team is at the helm of building out an entire Collectors ecosystem, with a unified experience of all our brands (PSA, PSA/DNA, PCGS, WATA, Card Ladder, Goldin) on mobile and web.
Data Engineering
The data team is the bridge between the technical infrastructure to the products that we provide internally and externally, transforming our massive amounts of data into knowledge that drives our decisions.
Information Security
Collectors utilizes cybersecurity, risk and privacy best practices on our platforms, leveraging signal intelligence and observability at scale to protect our customers, employees and our brand.
Internal Platform
This team builds and maintains the platform that underpins Collectors engineering with cloud-based, CloudOps, DevOps, QA, and SRE best practices, enabling rapid and stable application delivery.
The virtual marketplace (aka Goldin) is a hyper-growth startup within Collectors; a luxury digital marketplace supporting hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions a year.
Our Microservices & API team is building modern cloud-based applications, integrations, stream processing-based asynchronous architectures, and AI & ML-based solutions and capabilities.

What we look for in software engineers

These are the capabilities we look for in all engineers, with examples of how you were able to apply them so far in your career:

Ability to Drive Change
Being a catalyst for positive change
Collaboration & Team-First Mentality
Partnering with others to achieve something greater than than could be accomplished individually
Humility and Empathy
Leading with kindness and integrity
Management and Leadership Ability
Building collaborative cultures that enables everyone to produce their best work
API and System Design
Designing architecture that is modular and scalable
Core Coding
Writing high-quality, self-documenting code

Software Engineering Interview Process

Step 1
Application Review

We determine if your skills and previous experience will set you up for success within our engineering organization.

Step 2
Team Fit Call with Recruiting

One of our recruiters may schedule a call to further explore which role(s) align best with your skills and interests.

Step 3
Technical Hiring Screen

We conduct a technically-focused screen to understand your strengths and problem solving approach.

Step 4
Evaluation Stage

We'll have you meet members of the team through three interviews: one focused on coding, one on technical design and one on values.

Step 5
Team Matching & Offer

Based on your interviews, we’ll extend an offer for the best aligned team & role and align on an offer package.

Step 6

We will kick off all of the onboarding steps to get you set up for your first day with Collectors.

Engineering Leadership

Dan Van Tran
Chief Technology Officer
Tri Trinh
VP, Engineering
Saikumar Thota
VP, Engineering
Brian Kim
VP, Data
Arif Basha
VP, Information Security
Smit Gujarathi
Senior Director, Engineering
Miho Ishikura
Chief of Staff

Our Benefits

To build a high performance culture, Collectors understands the importance of aligning role expectations with the right performance incentives. Collectors values equity, fairness and opportunity for growth in compensation, and we are dedicated to giving employees the flexibility and support they need to do their jobs effectively.
401(K) Matching Plan
We will match 50% of the first 6% of your annual contributions.
Annual Compensation Reviews
Every year we review employee compensation and market data to ensure we’re paying employees consistent with market trends.
Flexible Vacation & Work Hours
We offer additional time and flexibility beyond a set number of days and hours to give you the space you need to work most effectively (subject to manager discretion).
Home-Office Equipment
We provide key equipment including a laptop, monitors and other peripherals to ensure you are comfortable in your home offices.
Remote & Hybrid Work Options
For most of our engineering positions, and all software engineer roles, we offer the chance to work up to 100% remotely or in a hybrid fashion.
Team Meet up at Offices
We bring employees together on a regular basis at our various office locations to collaborate on critical initiatives and build relationships.