Our Values

Lead With Integrity

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Trust is our brand and we will always make the honest and ethical decision, not necessarily the most profitable one. We are committed to intellectual and interpersonal honesty.

Collector Obsession

Serving the collector is where everything starts. Our business interests will follow if we always put the collector first and work backwards from their needs.

Every Item is Special

Our customers are trusting us with their most prized possessions. No matter the value, every item deserves to be treated the same way. Be efficient, but don’t rush.

Get It Right

Accuracy and consistency is our product. From receiving all the way through shipping, and most importantly authentication and grading, we simply have to get it right. We insist on the highest standards in the industry and “sweat the small stuff” in all areas of the operation.

Bring Out the Best in Everyone

We create an environment conducive to a long-term career by investing in our people and fostering a culture of continuous learning. We seek out and listen to diverse perspectives. We encourage our employees to be curious, finding opportunities to learn and grow their skills. And we expect our experts to share their knowledge.

Be Kind

We lead with kindness and treat others with respect. We always assume positive intent, and are constructive and respectful when providing feedback. We display empathy, seeking to understand the perspectives of others. We respect and encourage different and diverse opinions, creating an inclusive environment.

Start With Why

When solving a problem, first share relevant context and ensure others understand the goal, the problem and why it needs to be solved. The problem should be broken down into foundational truths, knowing and agreeing upon the facts, and providing accurate data to help find a solution. We question assumptions and don’t assume they are fact without proof.

Seek Feedback Early and Often

Be open to feedback early and often with any project, process, or idea. The earlier feedback is received, the sooner it can be incorporated. For example, demo products or share documents at an uncomfortably early stage to ensure they are tested and dogfooded.

Put the Skunk on the Table

Bad news should be shared as early as possible. We encourage our employees to talk about the uncomfortable things, as bad news only smells worse over time with no action taken. Be transparent about what is not working and create opportunities to solve problems quickly rather than letting them fester.

Play to Win the Game

We encourage risk-taking and long-term thinking. We must think “yes” before we think “no,” exploring how something might work, not why it can’t. Think in the long-term— “How will this benefit the customer in 5+ years?” Remember: If we don’t take risks, someone else will. Our competitors want to win the game too.